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You are in the right place.  I want Dr Mom Vet to be an oasis in a world of chaos.  I created Dr Mom Vet after becoming burnt out and unhappy with life.  I needed a change and to take back control of my life, instead of just letting it happen.  If you feel the same way, then please take this journey with me.start here

Who can use this website?

If you feel like:

  • You never have enough time in the day
  • You have lost your joy and excitement for life
  • You want to provide your family with healthy and nourishing food, but can’t get out of the fast food habit
  • You always feel stressed and have a hard time just relaxing with your family
  • You want to be part of a group of other like-minded mothers
  • You don’t want to be judged negatively for the choices you make

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Thank you

I would like to say a genuine thank you for trusting me with your precious time.  I know how busy you are and value you as a person and a fellow mother.  I appreciate all shares and likes and read all comments and emails personally.  So please stop by and leave me a comment, tell your friends or check out my Facebook page and introduce yourself.    We’re all in this world together, so let’s make it the best life we can!